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Week Ending 2021-05-09


Whalebone raises $3 million for its DNS-based cybersecurity tech (

  • Whalebone, a company selling technology to help communication service providers deliver secure user experience.
  • Whalebone seeks to spread its security product throughout the telecom service provider industry while boosting its customers’ average revenue per user. Their vision is establishing a new standard, where the Internet connection itself would be the guarantor of security.
  • Opinion: Congratulation to Richard and Robert. Czech republic has a great background in cybersecurity and the product is well developed, but it will be interesting how will Whalebone tackle selling this product to the western customers and how they manage to expand it.

Lithuanian startup DappRadar nabs €4.1 million for its ‘dapp’ distribution platform (

  • DappRadar is a global app store for decentralized applications called ‘dapps’, making it easy for users to track dapp activity online via its increasingly popular platform.
  • The startup has borne witness to record-high activity within the NFT space, which its states saw more than €1.2 billion in volume traded in Q1 2021 alone, an increase of 2,627% compared with the last quarter of 2020.
  • Opinion: Great to see a startup from CEE in blockchain space get funded by well known western investors which I hope is one of many.


Investors Do Not See “Transitory” Inflation (

  • The real cost of living is rising faster than what the official calculations suggest. It was a problem in 2018 and it is an even larger problem after 2020.
  • Governments always justify printing more money with the excuse that there is no inflation. When inflation rises, they say it is transitory. And when inflation soars, governments blame businesses and shop owners, presenting themselves as the solution with “price controls”.
  • Central banks are unable to normalize policy even with the evidence of a strong recovery because they are hostage to governments that simply refuse to reduce deficit spending while they cannot tolerate even a small rise in bond yields.

Changes at Basecamp (