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Week Ending 2021-05-23


Copenhagen-based Pento raises €12.7 million to expand its real-time, automated payroll software (

  • Pento automates every step of the payroll process from start to end, in real time.
  • Instead of relying on spreadsheets, PDFs, e-mails, and countless manual checks, Pento gives its customers complete control over every step with easy-to-use, cloud-based tools, real-time calculations, greater transparency, and online and telephone support.
  • Opinion: Automated payroll software is missing here in eastern europe and I believe it is barier that prevents several innovative businesses from emerging. If you know somebody doing automated payroll software in eastern europe as a startup or anything related to that, please let me know.


You Probably Shouldn’t Work at a Startup. It’s overrated—both financially and emotionally (

  • There is a romantic vision of startup employment that doesn’t hold up under close scrutiny. Business model risk is extreme and the financial opportunity cost is significant.
  • You’ll sometimes hear an argument, “well I can pick better than a VC, this industry is my domain expertise.” Unfortunately for this argument, domain expert VCs exist! Their win rate is fairly similar to the generalist VCs.
  • Typically we assume that a startup is a better overall employment experience, this probably isn’t true for most people. Yes, startups give you breadth, but big companies give you scale.
  • There are some circumstances where working at a startup makes sense! But it is important to go in with open eyes.

Prvni lotyssky unicorn! ale asi na priste?