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Week Ending 2021-06-20

"Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas." — Marie Curie


Polish fintech Booste raises €12m and plots expansion into Ireland (

  • Booste provides flexible financing to companies, with a particular focus on the e-commerce sector, to help them fund digital ads, marketing campaigns and inventory spend.
  • Booste’s platform was launched earlier this year after an initial seed round in January 2021.
  • Opinion: Incredible speed of funding, raising 12M just 6 months after launch, which proves that financing fintechs are still in high demand and needed in Europe.


Sarah Tavel: The Value of Intellectual Rigor (

  • If you choose the wrong metric, you end up optimizing for the wrong thing.
  • This idea of escaping competition is something fundamental to all the companies that I invest in. Is this a company that is always going to be fighting tooth and nail with another collective of companies for an incremental point of market share? Or is this a company that can dominate a market, become just so much better than any substitute that they become the defacto standard in the space?
  • "Sevens kill companies. When someone has a four, you just know they’re not doing the job, But the problem with a seven is that you don’t get to that point, because that person will have glimmers of being able to do the job.
    • Two things happen. One, there’s an opportunity cost of that seat. When someone that’s a seven is holding the seat, it means you don’t have a nine having that seat. Two is that, and I see this all the time, the execution of a team is often brought down by the weakest link. An entire team can be brought down by that seven."