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Week Ending 2021-06-27

"The only business writing worth reading are leaked emails. Writing that was never meant to be a product is always closer to the truth."


Pet Food & Wellness Startup Zenoo Raises 300,000 EUR to Accelerate its International Expansion (

  • Zenoo is running a personalized RAW food & wellness product service for pets' well-being. A pet food subscription service from an online store, which barely existed in Lithuania during the pre-pandemic period.
  • Zenoo aims to cover a dog owner's entire user journey - from personalized dog food through automated recommendations about feeding, supplements, training, activity levels and related training and wellness data up to building a marketplace for certified vets, dog trainers and nutrition experts.
  • Opinion: Congratulations to Agota and Mindaugas on being able to raise this investment round. Their goal is ambitious but the market and timing makes sense to me. The business will depend on a lot on their execution, but hopefully they can do it with the help of the new experienced investors.


PriceHubble acquires the PropTech Realtify and expands to Czech Republic and Slovakia (

  • Realtify provides analytical and research tools for residential real estate professionals with a team of currently 10 specialists.
  • PriceHubble is a B2B-PropTech company that builds innovative data-driven digital solutions for the entire residential real estate and finance value chain. Leveraging big data, cutting-edge machine learning analytics and state-of-the-art visualisation technology
  • Opinion: Congratulations to Vladislav on successful acquisition, it was what he wanted. Although it is unfortunate to see a company with a lot of potential acquired early.


Harder Than It Looks, Not As Fun as It Seems (

  • Everything is sales also means that everyone is trying to craft an image of who they are. The image helps them sell themselves to others.
  • When you are keenly aware of your own struggles but blind to others’, it’s easy to assume you’re missing some skill or secret that others have.
  • When someone is viewed as more extraordinary than they are, you’re more likely to overvalue their opinion on things they have no special talent in.
  • Everyone’s dealing with problems they don’t advertise, at least until you get to know them well. Keep that in mind and you become more forgiving – to yourself and others.

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